Monday, August 8, 2016

The Day You Stood On Your Own Shoulders

You are not empty.

There has to be a part of you left, even if it's just the part that says, "I am empty."

Stand on top of that part of yourself and reach up. Reach out.

Because you are not empty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Gentlest Reminders Dropped From Passing Planes

You were not put here to impress others, to be better than others or to beat others at all costs.

You were not put here to compare yourself to others and your success is not dependent on someone else's failure.

You were not put here to put others in their place, to teach them a lesson or lecture them about who they are. You can and should help others but don't treat others like they're broken just because they're not who you think they should be - You were not put here to fix others.

You were not put here to rise above others. You are unique but not special and that's not a bad thing because it means all of us can achieve some kind of greatness.

You were not put here to be against others.

You were put here with others.

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