Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Am Sorry. I Will See You Soon.

Jon's Last Picture.

Dear You,

This is all going to be sad so I'm going to need you to be strong.

Thank you for reading everything I've written for the past few years. Remember when we first found each other? It was so long ago, it all seems like it happened to different people or like it was something from a TV show.

All I can remember are scenes.

Thank you for looking at every picture Jon took. I would never presume to speak for both of us but I assure you, he is grateful for your patronage.

Both Jon and I have things we want to pursue that don't involve I Wrote This For You right now. Most books, comics, songs, movies, all stories in fact, have endings. But this one doesn't.

If both Jon and I find our way back here, we'll pick up where we left off.

I will still be releasing the text-only edition of I Wrote This For You, which will contain the entries that I intended on putting here.

I am still planning on visiting the Philippines and other parts of the world too. I owe Cape Town a book reading and that's going to happen soon.

.. but why?

Because after writing more than 1200 entries since 2006, I feel like I've said what I wanted to say here. At least, right now. And after spending a year on every poetry bestseller list (and only being outsold by Shakespeare most days), this seems like a good time to stop. Even if the book didn't do as well as it has, both Jon and I would still feel like we did what we came here to do. To do something new that hadn't been done and to be able to hold it in our hands (Thank you Michelle).

Because there's a new book I want to write. There's a comic strip that doesn't look like a comic strip I want to write. Because my friends and I all have guitars and we want to write songs together. Because I want to scream the new poems I write into a microphone. Because I want to write a book of poems that isn't called I Wrote This For You.

And those are all things that will let me say new things.

I am eternally grateful for all the amazing experiences this has allowed me, to all the amazing people I met from all over the world, to everyone who chose to spend their time with us.

Thank you for making me feel less alone. Thank you for making each other feel less alone.

I will still be active on twitter, sharing my thoughts and any news, although it doesn't seem right to call it "I Wrote This For You" so I will be using my real name.

I will still post my favourite entries from I Wrote This For You (and any new work) on facebook.

If I have anything to add to I Wrote This For You, they will be written in those places.

If you make something inspired by I Wrote This For You (or Intentional Dissonance) on tumblr, I will still find it and share it.

I will still be here. If you leave me a comment, I will read it.

This is not the end. This is something far more exciting than that. It is going into the realm of the unknown, to see what can be known.

And then seeing if we can find our way back.

I'm sorry if this hurts. I know it hurts me.

I will always love you. I will always miss you.

- Me


Remember, you are a part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Bombs Destroy More Than Just Cities

If you want to make someone cry, make them think of every person who hurt them.

If you want to destroy someone, make them think of every person who they have hurt.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Nerve Endings Shatter Like Glass

It doesn't hurt because if you keep hurting the same part of you again and again and again, the nerve endings all die. And when that happens, that part of you goes numb. That's why it doesn't hurt. Don't be proud of it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Act Of Living Is Lethal

You forget that even the strongest person to ever live had a weakest day of their life.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Agony Of Being Other People

I keep wondering, how many people do you need to be, before you can become yourself.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Camera Is A Bag For Memories

And when someone takes my picture and they tell me to smile, I still think of you.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Turning Of The Sphere

"You need to spin the world again."

"Why bother? So what if a few more babies are born. So what if there's heartbreak, pain and pens and doughnuts and washing lines. Who cares if there's forgetfulness and a summer and wine and clouds with faces and shapes hidden in them. That's all that happens every time I spin the world. It's all just a bunch of things that happen. Why bother spinning the world again?"

"Because pens and babies are worth a little heartbreak and pain. Because everyone in the world deserves every chance they can get to find the things and experiences and people that make them happy. So give all of them another chance. Please, spin the world again."