Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Years Thank You

Thank you.

I Wrote This For You:

Debuted at #1 on the American iTunes Poetry Bestseller List. It's still there.
Debuted at #1 on the United Kingdom iTunes Poetry Bestseller List.

Made it to #1 on the Canadian iTunes Poetry Bestseller List. And it's still there.

Made it into the Australian iTunes Poetry Bestsellers List.

Made it into the Amazon Poetry Bestseller List.

Made it into the Amazon Photography Bestseller List.

Made it into the Amazon Fiction & Literature Bestseller List.

Was one of the top 400 books on Barnes & Noble off pre-orders alone on launch day.

As I have stated on twitter and facebook, this is more than I ever dreamed or asked for, I've cried and laughed, at the same time, several times now. This has broken me in the most wonderful way. I'll say it one more time: I will work the hardest I ever have to make sure that I earn and justify the love you have shared. I will never, ever, forget.


An extra-special thanks to the people who've entered the I Wrote This For You Somewhere You Could Find It competition. See their amazing pictures below, you still have till the end of the 1st of January 2012 to enter - I'll be sending the winner the first signed copy of I Wrote This For You.


Another thank you to those of you who shared this picture. Please, keep sharing/blogging/tweeting/facebooking it <3

Like love, it's spreading.

I've had to fight with myself to not be here 24 hours a day since the launch of the book but I know that if I want to start the year off right, I need to clear my head and be outside in the air for a while. I owe you my best work.

I hope you meet your other-half somewhere special tonight and that you kiss at exactly midnight, as all the clocks in the world mourn the loss of another year. I hope 2012 is the most amazing year of your life and that you accomplish things you never dreamed you'd accomplish. I hope that no matter how you feel, you always feel better.

I hope that one day, I can repay you for being as amazing as you are.

I love you so much it hurts.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

- Me