Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Night Is A Tunnel

I have told the sky all my loneliest thoughts of you. And all it does is shine star light back at me. But I guess that's what makes it such a good listener. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Intentional Dissonance Is Now Available On iTunes & Book Depository

"I wanted to want you like you wanted me to. But I couldn't." 

Intentional Dissonance is now available on iTunes and Book Depository (who will ship for free, anywhere in the world). 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Nature Of A River Is To Run

When it rains, the river will try and take you away from me.

Which is why, when it rains, we must hold onto each other, just a little tighter.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Shadows On The Curtain

Sometimes the most important thing you can say is just

"Are you ok?"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Kindle edition Of Intentional Dissonance is now available through Amazon.

He made lists of things he wanted to feel
when he was younger, big things, small things, ice, snow, the sand
at the beach, someone else’s hands holding his, feeling him feeling
them, a feedback loop of feelings, which is what happens when two
people make love. He wanted to feel things that made him feel safe
and scared and things that ripped his heart out of his chest, things
that made him want to go home and things that made him want to
travel, things that made him proud and things that made him regret
his choices and he, like all people, slowly ticked these things off the
list in his head as he lived, as the world turned until soon, there were
very few things left to feel.
He believed the last thing he would feel, would be nothing, as that
was nearly impossible to feel unless you were dead or hadn’t been
born yet. He wondered what it’d be like to not be able to wonder.
He’d once wanted to know what it felt like to be able to talk to
people properly, to be normal but he’d given up on finding that
feeling, figuring no one ever really found it.

Amazon has jumped the gun a little and the kindle edition of Intentional Dissonance is out! You can get it now and preview the first few chapters here.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pre-Ordering Is Now Open For Intentional Dissonance OR How I Autographed My Digital Book

[Editor's note: You won't hear my voice when you open the file, the sound of my voice changes the way each cover looks, nothing else - I'm sorry if anyone was confused.]

Dear you,

If you didn't know this yet, I live in South Africa, Jon, the photographer for I Wrote This For You lives in Germany (previously Japan), my publisher lives in Canada and my books are printed in England. The vast majority of my readership resides in America, Asia and the rest of the world.

This is great because I’ve always believed in creating things that are universal and this setup helps keep me true to that.

The problem is, besides a brief book tour at the start of this year and online, I don’t really get to interact with the phenomenal, kind and wonderful people who read what I write.

My new book, Intentional Dissonance, like a lot of the things I do, deals with finding meaning in chaos. It’s about finding something in the noise. And it’s a very noisy book. There are trees that talk, the main character is addicted to a drug that causes sadness and the entire thing takes place in the last city on Earth, 10 years after the official end of the world. There’s also a bunch of ghosts, people caught in horrible teleportation accidents that force them to repeat their last moments over and over again, forever. It’s not I Wrote This For You. It’s something else.

I wanted to do something special for the launch of the book that celebrated and made real the feeling of finding meaning in the noise and so, in currently limited quantities, I have ‘signed’ several digital copies of the book with my voice.

I took the cover design, imported it into an audio editing suite as raw data, then read my name and a few sentences from the book over the noise. The audio was then exported as raw data and converted back into an image. In a time where everything digital is impersonal and generic, it’s a way to do something that makes each copy special.

And it’s the closest I can get to giving something personal and unique back to the readers who have done so much for me.

The book comes out on amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and everywhere else on the 7th of December but you can preorder one of the digitally signed copies right now from here.

 This is what they look like.

The original.

Thank you for your time and for reading,


Intentional Dissonance Launch

Dear You,

My new novel, Intentional Dissonance, is launching on the 7th of December.

I've got something special planned for it and that's going to keep me busy for the next 48 hours or so.

The image below is a hint.

Stay close,


Monday, December 3, 2012

The Time Keeps Twisting Me

The seconds take a part of me with them. Hopefully to you.