Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Wrote This For Japan

01 - The Leftovers (donate/song/post) by Patrick Clancy

02 - The Circus Is Cheaper When It Rains (donate/song/video/post/) by Dan Rodriguez

03 - The Point Past Peak Feelings (donate/song/post) by Silas Jørgensen

04 - The Time It Takes To Fall (donate/song/video/post) by Dan Rodriguez

05 - The Day You Read This (donate/words/video/post) by Me

06 - The Trees That Refused To Die (donate/video/post) by Pawl. E

07 - ?

As a tribute to the people of Japan and their courage and strength in the face of overwhelming natural catastrophes. As a marker for the untimely deaths of thousands of people.

We dedicate this.

All we ask, is that if you download any of the tracks, you donate to either the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders (the donate links go to one of the two), depending on your preference.

I'd like to thank the musicians and artists who have already contributed tracks based on I Wrote This For You entries and invite other musicians and artists to also contribute, to help raise funds.

If you'd like to do that, and expose you and your music to a wider audience, you can reach me at pleasefindthis at gmail dot com.

There won't be any posts for the next few days as Jon, our Tokyo based photographer, has slightly more pressing issues to worry about right now and I'd like to draw attention to this.

In the meanwhile, please, spend a moment to think about the "you" on the other side of the world from you, waiting and hoping for the help they need.

We are all human beings here, separated by nothing more than large puddles of water and occasionally, the fear of the unknown.

We are all on the same ship.

We are all, you.

For Japan,


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Superstition And The Fear

And if you knew just how I felt, you could kill me, with just one look.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Message From Jon, The Photographer

Jon, our photographer based in Japan, who many of you have been concerned about, thanks everyone for their well wishes. He asked me to post the following.

"Thanks to everyone for their concern. Family and friends all safe and accounted for. Northern Japan needs your help and donations more than prayers right now."

To further prove that he is, in fact, alive and well, he's recently done an interview with Heso Magazine in Japan, which is linked below.

"Jon Ellis is one of those people whom you never expect to meet. But there he is. At the end of the table sipping his Guinness with a polite smile on his face. He wears dark clothing and knows way more about goth music than you ever will..." (click here to read the rest of the interview)

The Buildings Keep Falling

You don't sing the national anthem for the air or put a flag in sea.

So you do these things for the ground beneath your feet. Because you forget that it belongs to no one. Because you forget that the ground, can also move.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Water Is On Fire

I'm not scared of never meeting you. I'm scared of having met you, and let you go.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Point Past Peak Feelings

I know you have feelings left somewhere. But they're all so hard to reach.

The Fragments Of Tokyo

Jon, the incredibly talented photographer for I Wrote This For You and my close friend, is having an exhibition of some of his best work in Tokyo this month, from the 14th to the 20th at Place M.

It's a great chance to see photographs that haven't appeared on I Wrote This For You or anywhere else for that matter, and signed prints will be for sale (very limited run).

Jon is a massive recluse and we only ever communicate via telegram and have never actually met (with me living on the tip of Africa, this is understandable) so take the opportunity.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Packaging Of People

"But this is just another box."
"No it's not, it's the box we put you in if you say 'Don't put me in a box.'"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Lying Tree

The least you could do, is uncross your heart. Unhope to die.