Monday, March 14, 2011

A Message From Jon, The Photographer

Jon, our photographer based in Japan, who many of you have been concerned about, thanks everyone for their well wishes. He asked me to post the following.

"Thanks to everyone for their concern. Family and friends all safe and accounted for. Northern Japan needs your help and donations more than prayers right now."

To further prove that he is, in fact, alive and well, he's recently done an interview with Heso Magazine in Japan, which is linked below.

"Jon Ellis is one of those people whom you never expect to meet. But there he is. At the end of the table sipping his Guinness with a polite smile on his face. He wears dark clothing and knows way more about goth music than you ever will..." (click here to read the rest of the interview)


Big Mark 243 said...

Thanks for posting the update on Jon.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that Jon and family are ok. I have been donating and praying. and will continue to do both.

Kate said...

So glad to hear he's okay. What happened in Japan is absolutely devastating.

Angela said...

Oh good!!
I'm so happy he's safe
Although I thought he was living in Tokyo and Tokyo was damaged a bit, so that is why I was concerned :D

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness

insanedreams said...

Thank God he's safe and okay. :)