Monday, March 14, 2011

The Buildings Keep Falling

You don't sing the national anthem for the air or put a flag in sea.

So you do these things for the ground beneath your feet. Because you forget that it belongs to no one. Because you forget that the ground, can also move.


Anonymous said...

the truth is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

There are days like today
Where I wish
I could just talk
To anyone
Just someone
But nobody's home
And nobody gives
A damn
Or an ocean.

Anonymous said...

So, so true. <3

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for the ground beneath your feet.

fictional reality. said...

I have tears in my eyes oh my gosh -

Keep holding on, Japan. Keep holding on, world.

Anonymous said...

Standing tall. Me.

Sarah Allen said...

Absolutely stunning photo! Prayers go out to Japan.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

zonedin said...

We are not in control...The ground is going to do what it wants to do. We are just visitors here, so we should be gracious guests.

Anonymous said...

What is this? I don't even...

I believe it was you who said "Be careful whose voice you mistake as my own..."

I look back, in retrospect, and I have a harder and harder time justifying my actions as the months go by. Petty psychosis, where did I land? I still check by periodically (as I'm sure your analytics will tell you). Obsessions? Hardly not, my misjudgments from before have given me a sense of humility that I lacked.

It all feels like a big joke (which is fine, I asked for such things) and for your sake I hope it was.

I'm a god damn piece of work.

Just sayin HI to you, an acquittance (maybe friend?) I'm not sure If you'd hug me or slap me. This is all very confusing and always has been for me.

The chemistry in my head was off, poor Charlie Sheen.

Anywho, see ya around (or not).

Anonymous said...

I'll put my flag wherever I please and then sing the national anthem.

Neither pig, nor scorpion, nor fatale, but a rose by any other name said...

*I* said be careful whose voice you mistake as my own.

But, I am one of, oh, so many. Here there are more than a few who hear their lover's voice calling out to them. I am just one of many.
And too late I realized that no reason to believe my love was here isn't enough. My blind, foolish heart had become delusional in its loss. A loss I inflicted upon myself.
I didn't know anything before, I know even less now.

Someone here is playing chameleon with the hearts of others, wearing names that do not belong to them. That I am sure of.
Has the one my heart belongs to been here? My heart says yes, my head laughs and shrugs.

Maybe this is a place of miracles and chance meetings. . . but beware. The willing in love give their hearts away so easily to those who suffer from loneliness and boredom.
I would leave my name, but someone else is so fond of wearing it here.

Any which way, I'm pretty certain that *you* are not talking to *me*.

Lex said...

I do forget the beauty of the ground that I am standing on. I forget it can crack open and destroy or from its heart create life.

Anonymous said...

Contradiction in itself. I thought you burnt down the world?

Anonymous said...

My soul mate is here. He hears me.

Anonymous said...

No games. All for you.

Anonymous said...

The only name I wear is that one that belongs to me. Chameleon nope sorry.

Anonymous said...

The ground beneath my feet belongs to me.

Anonymous said...

If you aren't wearing some one else's name then there is no need to defend your self.

Anonymous said...

I do wear someone's name.

Anonymous said...

I often click through random posts for no other reason other than 'I felt like it,' but today it was for the sole purpose of finding this one. Because it reminds me of Remembrance Day.

I remember.

And I hope it's never forgotten.