Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Grasping Of Stars

They'll tell you that you're the ground. Remember that you hold up the sky.


Anonymous said...

Look how they shine for you

$ said...

dear you,

if no one believes
in you,
i do.
a stranger
in california

you will
you can
you are


make history.

i believe in you.

*you must believe in yourself, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm young. Crisis about the future. If you want to be independant you have to work hard.. study hard.. am I missing my youth because of this?
Write about that boy, write about that. We're not losing our hope, they are stealing it.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful words

Anonymous said...

what if you can't seem to even hold yourself up.

Anonymous said...

I'll take every single one of you on in battle. I belong here too. As a matter of fact, when I'm at my peak I'm bigger and brighter than any one of you. When I'm new, I blend in with the night sky. At least I don't burn out. Luna.

Berry said...

Hold it high, bear its weight, and be proud of your accomplishment.

Rakhi said...

This was inspiring. Thank you.

zonedin said...

They say I'm a rock, but I want to be a star.

Make me explode!!!

And there you are.

Lady Reen said...

Just let em say wutever they want.
U the one decide to be with the stars not em...

Savannah said...

Last night I stared at this post for hours, lost for words as could not talk facing the sublime vision of Kilimanjaro, not to mention the pick to perfection: the words beneath it. I had no comment.
It's true the saying ‘Lost for words when facing beauty’. I felt it will fade if I speak.

FeverDream said...

and with each season of my life, i change and progress. i am not the bottom, i am not as low as it gets. i am the stability, the support for the world i live in.

Anonymous said...

Très belle photo!