Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Forest Of Rain

Understand that, the prisons you've built are of your own design.

Understand that, you should be the person you wanted to be when you woke up this morning.

Understand that, the world desperately wants to love you, if you'll let it.

Understand that, you deserve that love, even if you don't feel like it.

Understand that, love can hit a planet like a comet.

Understand that, the rain can unrain, if you want it to.


Nouri_E said...

I do understand. But most times I forgot. So thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Understand that, the world desperately wants to love you, if you'll let it."

I want this to be true. But it doesn't feel like it.

Eydie Harlow said...

thanks for this blogg.
really helps me. now i know that i can .. if i'd try it enough

nameless said...

I do understand, but I do not comprehend.
I do understand, yet I cannot withstand.

Dreamer said...

Simple truths, so beautiful and eloquently put. Thankyou.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you let me love you. Instead of feeling I am alone struggling to understand my feelings, you make me feel like I'm part of the world. A world where it's okay to feel the way I do. Without judgment. Please enjoy your time away, you deserve it for all you do. But don't stay gone forever. I'll have my copy of the book to keep me company until then. You are loved.

Berry said...

understand that, if it were that easy, it would have been done by now.

understand that, I am doing the best I could with what I have.

understand that, I'll keep trying, regardless.

Anonymous said...

Understand that, Love is what's holding YOU and I this very moment <3

Anonymous said...

I understand the desperate, humbling struggle to love & be loved. There's nothing more central to our existence. Yes, people vary in their capacity. We are not always capable of giving love unconditionally to those who "should" be on the receiving end of our priorities, just as we are often incapable of accepting it from those who love us the most. Alone, our capacity is finite & still never fully tapped.

Love itself is not linear. Its expression is not without paradox. But it is no less valid when shared with people & circumstances that seem less worthy of our gift. Try not to judge sincerity or intent. Where we lack-even fail, others fill in. Where there seems neglect may be greater lessons that can only be imparted with love's distance.

Of course there are biological imperatives & priorities. We should give the best of ourselves to those closest to us. But love in its many forms is still love. It lives & breathes as long as we do. We need all its forms; emotionally, we need its redundancy. We need each other's collective finite capacity to potentiate and express the infinite. It takes a village. It takes a lifetime.

I love you. Do you understand now? If you can't experience it as a gift, think if it as a life sustaining resource, like food and shelter. It's not meant to be some personalized grenade. It's ok to not need or want all of it. Take what you need. I leave it to you to decide how & when to pass the rest on. There's no quid pro quo.

Remember what I've always said: It doesn't matter whether we find love with each other. Just that we do.

Keep doing the best you can. And please, no short humanitarian walks off the Golden Gate. Whatever your shortcomings, the world's still a better place with you in it.

Okay? 'K ;)
Love you, babe.

Anonymous said...

I just have to understand that you don't understand
I just have to understand you...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :) thank you for making my day

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for having a voice, even if it is without a name. Sometimes that's best.

Tessa said...

It's like it really was written for me. I've felt so helpless. and angry and wounded.

But I feel a little better, reading this and taking it into account. I haven't had that in a long time and never thought I'd find that like this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Lydia said...

you know so well, I needed this