Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Point

When you're at that point, when you feel it's all pointless... It's not. The trick is to just keep doing it, that's how you succeed in the end. It's the secret to life, do anything often enough, and for long enough, and you get good at it. So keep on. Keep writing. Keep painting. Keep singing. Keep dancing. Keep fighting. Keep. On.


Anonymous said...

I guess I should say thanks.

It's not so much that I felt it was pointless, it's just I felt worthless, as I so often do.

I didn't see the integrity of my work, it's value.

But now I think I do. Here's hoping I hold on to your words for as long as I can.

Anonymous said...

Oh crap. I used "it's" instead of "its".

Katalyst Ofmine said...

This one hit me square in the jaw. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thank you. I needed this so much. I felt like I was lost in this world, just floundering around...and then I saw this blog.

You are healing me with each post that I read.

Thank you.

Alex said...

I wanted to but at the same time im scared. I used to love it so much, writing but when i write if just like word vomit, but ill keep fighting, ill fight hard.

Anonymous said...

This is perfect. Thank you so much. I will. I'll fight as long as I need to.