Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Forward

Always have something to look forward to. Make something up right now. Something you want to do. Someplace you want to be. Someone you want to meet.

And look forward to it.


Unknown said...

I look forward to meeting you someday.

Sus. said...

It's so right!
I always want to wait for something and I thought nobody understood.
thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have , but it hurts. No matter how good things get, no matter how wonderful, there will never be you. How can I replace you? How many hundreds of notes like this will I write, my pain is gushing out of me, like a arterial wound. Will this only stop when I bleed out all my love? What next then? Death?
How will I ever replace you?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to three years from now, I don't know what will happen in three years...

Who will I met, what will I be doing, how I'll look back on this day.

I only see three options...

Three years from now

A) it will be worse than today
B) it will be better than today
C) it will be the same

Three seems like a good number. So I'll look forward to being wherever I am three years from now.

M said...

I'm looking forward to feel you just as how everything started between us. i miss the moments when we share every laugh and cry that made us become one.

But what if i'm looking forward to something that won't come at all?? when will i stop? when will i move on?

Just to let you know, I want to finally move on but i'm looking forward to you, STILL -_-

klara said...

There are so few things here I already knew, but this one is one of them... I always think : everything's alright, because I always have something to look forward to :) whether it's a person, a holiday, school, or just something nice to eat.

klara said...

I always have a thousand things to look forward to right now. But I'm young. Life is ahead of me. So if there is one thing I could hope for, if I had one wish, it would be that when I'm 80, I will still have a thousand things to look forward to.