Friday, June 27, 2008

The Safe Place

You are in all our thoughts. And we will keep you there, safe and sound, until you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Remember that night I was stuck in bed, fighting, scared and in pain? I'm so sorry there were so many. Your words still so clear, "don't you want to come? It will be good to get out." I don't think you really knew. You went out and came home wasted? That night was the night I needed you the most. I have learn't to keep myself safe and sound. And I will continue to do so. From my weakness, I have gained strength. I have gained more than you will ever know. Thank you, in some warped fucked up way, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Remember that morning you ran me a bath and made me a cup of tea. While I was bathing, you came to talk to me. You had something to tell me. The truth. I remember rinsing my hair and wanting to just stay under the water. Longer, longer... but, I came up for air.

When I fell asleep I prayed that I wouldn't wake up in the morning... but, I did. I woke up with more fire inside me than ever before.

This fire will never be put out, no matter what you say or do or don't say or do. It is alive in me and it is mine to fuel.

I still love you and I always will whatever happens in the end. It takes courage to be truthful and honest. I am still learning this. Some things take longer to learn than others. I really hope I can get there one day.

Love hurts. The truth hurts too.

MKMoondust said...

I remember, but i remember all too well