Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Reason They Don't Listen

There's no beauty in your truth because there's no truth in your beauty.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe you don't even know how to recognize the beauty in all the ugliness. The truth in all the lies. Wait a while longer. The light, when it finally comes to you, will be brighter than anything you have ever seen in your life.
Just wait.

Anonymous said...

Your beauty is there for others only. It is not there for you alone.

Make yourself so beautiful that everything you are brings pure truth.

Anonymous said...

Our parents are our guardians. Not our friends and not our Gods. They forget that sometimes, but only because they're human.

Anonymous said...

Not true, the only one who has ever protected me from evil was God. Not any of the above.

FeverDream said...

there's nothing left to be honest about because we've been swallowed in silence for much too long.

Alejandra said...

Who ever said there was beauty here?

It's all empty.
Lies become truths,
liars become winners,
and it makes me sick.

There is no beauty here,
so I won't listen.

Anonymous said...

In simplicity there is beauty and truth.

Unknown said...

just let it go freely... no need to ask reassurance from the outside of your beauty as long as you believe on what is inside. beauty is subjective though... let it go and fly.

Anonymous said...

The "listening" gotta stop. It's driving me insane & makes me say things I don't mean just to test & see what your reaction will be (I'm an obstinate child sometimes), or where & in what way my words sort of shows up again. What really counts is what is said face to face when one can absorb the purity in the other ones words.