Friday, July 5, 2013

A Very Short And Dangerous Book - 25 Love Poems For The NSA


Every poem in this book has one or more words in
it that have been taken from the NSA’s watch list.

A full list of the words appears at the back of this

By transmitting this book via email or other means,
you are liable to be tracked by the NSA as a
potential terrorist threat.

This book is dedicated to how ridiculous that is.

You can click here to buy it here on amazon.


All said...

That. Is. Awesome.

I have so much respect for the way that it's been put together. With including the list of all the words, I have to say that it's tempting to write poetry of my own including them.

Again, congrats on some truly beautiful poetry!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

I needed this.

Dept over distance was all I asked of you.

Anonymous said...

I'm lost and I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Happy seven year anniversary! You wrote your first post on the fifth of July '07. I remember, because it's the date of my birthday. This post is also on the 5th, seven years later, on the day I turned 21. I see it as birthday luck to have one more (extremely amusing) post on this incredible blog. All the best Iain with two i's! Much love, Sophia said...

Awesome idea, great poetry. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

it is not for download anymore?

Anonymous said...

The .PDF file use to be on here?

Any chance getting it again?

Courage Is Contagious said...

missing you every love love

Manny said...

What you said in a previous post - about writing the things you wished people had said to you. I write the things that i wish i believed and could say to myself in the mirror... words that are much too close to my heart. I was just wondering - how did you get the courage to give your words to the world without hiding who you are...

PS I wrote this on this thread because a voice in my head told me that there is a better chance you will see and respond to this comment as this post has less comments. I would be beyond appreciation if you proved that voice right.

Unknown said...

These books are amazing