Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Wretches And Beggars

If life drove a fancy car, you can bet I'd be tapping at the windows when it stopped at red lights saying,
"Sir, someone's got to take the weight out of your pockets, why shouldn't it be me."


ViralTikTok said...

I like this one. :)

Unknown said...

People become beggars at certain period of time.some beg for money,some beg for other things such as love etc.

Anonymous said...

Please, next time you use a photo I made, write my Name next to it: Jan Westphal/Germany ;)
And leave the watermark.

Me said...

Hi Jan,

I haven't don't anything with a watermark. Every photograph I use is taken by Jon Ellis and all these photographs are copyright to him. He also lives in Germany - could you provide a direct link to the photograph you're claiming I'm using.



Anonymous said...

A little late, but I tumbled about this again. Look at this:

Watermark is right on the bottom of the picture.


Jan W.

Me said...

Jan, as I said before, I have not used your photograph. This photograph is by Jon Ellis. There are people in your photograph, there are none in this one, even a cursory examination of the two photographs would establish they're different photographs of the same place.

Thank you for your time,