Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Best I Could With What I Had In The Time I Was Given

What would you do to a heart, given the heartbeats over an entire lifetime, to do it in?

I'd write it all down, so neither you nor I could forget. Maybe I'll think it's all silly one day, but I want the chance to think it's all silly.


ViralTikTok said...

This makes me think of Robin Williams.


Unknown said...

The heart without heartbeats caused death.heartbeats can bring life to a dead has also beats bring life to a song.if i get the heartbeats for an entire lifetime to a heart ,i'd sing in joy.

Anonymous said...

If I had that kind of time, if I had only what I have here and now, if I had your heartbeats to count the seconds passing I'd paint every picture I've never had energy for and sing you every song I've only sung as I was writing it while you were fast asleep. I would tell you what you mean to me every chance I get instead of screaming I hate you when Life gets in the way and it feels like you're ignoring me, even though I know you're not.

Iain, this post breaks my heart, but I'll never again read anything quite as beautiful. My only question for you is, you only have so many heartbeats left, and I probably have even less, does that make us any different from each other than we already are?

Niki said...

It's up to us.xx

dreaming is believing

Anonymous said...

I.m ashamed of myself now. I dont have the guts to come and apologise for my mistakes.
I am weak now. Come and save me .