Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Tension Between Who You Are

You want to be so many things. I always thought you would settle down one day and be ok with just being who you are. And what kind of monster would I be, to ask you to want to be less?
Maybe wanting to be so many things, is just who you are.


Kinjiki said...

Thank you for posting this. If I could, I could be in many places all at once and not be tired but really happy to be living in the moment. I cannot be tied down to one spot, I will always find ways to escape.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting into words how alot of us feel but can't express. This is so true of how I feel today and most days lately.

Klara said...

Hey Iain, have you heard about Big White Wall? Sorry for advertising something, but I don´t know where else to post this. It´s a website for people to ventilate their problems anonymously and help each other with them. It instantly made me think of I Wrote This For You, because this blog has kind of been doing exactly that for years, except it was not intentional. People spontaneously started sharing their problems and helping each other in the comments.


Anonymous said...

We miss you