Monday, April 20, 2015

The First Sounds

Before language, there were only sounds, and we had to tell each other everything we could with nothing but the noises we could make with our mouths.

What sound could you have made for, “Look at all these lights in the sky. Isn’t it amazing?”

What sound could you have made for, “My chest hurts when you are not here.”

What sound could you have made for, “I am hurt, and I am slowly pouring out of me.”

What sound would you have made for, “I do not have a name for the feeling I have when I’m with you, but it is a feeling that I never, ever want to end. Please don’t go to sleep forever.”


Anonymous said...

The feeling I once had when I saw you is the feeling I forever cherish and remember you by when you are out of sight.

Reality now sometimes disappears when I stare into those eyes.

Eyes of a fantasy/
A stare I once valued as a romance that has only started in my heart
Eyes of the divine

Yet earth is not the place and time
For I long for more

I want to belong to you yet I don't
My Faith constricts every step I take, yet it frees me from all burdens I have


Anonymous said...

I lose pieces of myself waiting around for you. I need you and you aren't here.
I don't know how to make you love me like I love you.

anosmen said...

Before languages, before words, we communicate with gestures, expressions, and everything else which involve the entire body and soul to convey our feeling.
Of course it's way harder, but since you pour out everything you had.
Maybe, just maybe, less would lie, less would say something just because it sounded good, less would pretend to care when they actually don't.
Then there won't be someone like me who fell for a ghost you never were.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. :-)