Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Horrible Thing That Happens

If you’re lucky, the horrible thing that happens gives you some distance from the world and it lets you to look at it in a way no one else does.

 If you’re lucky, the horrible thing that happens makes you move closer to everyone around you because you understand how bad the horrible thing can be, and you know there's a chance someone else might have felt something as horrible as you have.

So you are not careless with others.

You try and make sure the horrible thing don’t happen to them. 

Because you’re the lucky one.


Andy akoehn said...

How do you know such things? You're right you know. This is all completely true in my case...and I suppose it's true for my kids too. It's an awesome thing you just wrote.

TwizzleSouthernstars This &;That ? said...

feeling lucky and blessed even though my life span a mess horrible thing is seen to the smoking mirrors of an evil rotten world pass beyond give this distance lines crossed and seeing now seen only lucky enough to know now there must be no one left behind world needed in the heavens beyond I hope I am The Lucky One thank you for your writing

Unknown said...

Y encontré ese rincón horrible, de alguna forma fue agradable encontrarlo... De seguro fue porque tú estabas a la entrada y a la salida, también me acompañaste durante todo el tour asegurándote de que no me perdiera de ninguna de las tonalidades del oscuro negro al que me llevaste.
- libélula