Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Art Of Being Born

You're not supposed to remember being born so you can only imagine what it was like, looking at the world for the first time and just weeping at all the ugliness and all the beauty that you saw in it. And crying for the first time, that feeling in your chest and then your eyes suddenly became water and salt. Touching someone else's skin for the first time and realising that at least, you're not alone here.

I don't know if not remembering all of that is lucky or unlucky.


Unknown said...

Life and love always so amazing and beautiful, it takes two people to remember love and life, give and accept, from the beginning of the life and love, remember, only two people, that will be so lucky, so wonderful .

Libby said...

Beautiful, very beautiful! <3 :)

Unknown said...

I think it was both lucky and unlucky.. If we can actually remember all of those feelings, it would be beautiful and we would cherish them so much. On the other hand though, by knowing how amazing and innocent those feeling were, everything we know now will become so much more ugly than they already are. The first touch we have might be a sign we are not alone, but the touch you have when you grow up kind of a reminder not everyone is real..