Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Win Signed Copies of How To Be Happy

I’m incredibly proud to announce that my new collection of poetry and short stories, How To Be Happy, is now available at Barnes & Noble. 

To celebrate, I’ll be randomly sending out a signed copy once a week for the next few weeks. Take a selfie with the book at Barnes & Noble to enter.

If you include a note about what makes you happy in the picture, I’ll count it as two entries. 

Enter and tag me or let me know on Instagram, twitter or Facebook.


P.S. Thank you to everyone who's already purchased it, it's quite a personal collection of work and I'm never sure how something I do will be received. The fact that it's resonated with some people means a lot and it's the reason I write: It makes me feel less alone. 

Thank you.


Izzah A said...

Huhu, thare's no Barnes & Noble in my country. Yeah, and reading your writing, I also feel that I'm not alone, I feel peace then

dot KOM said...

I ordered your books (i wrote this for you series) all the way from US to Pakistan... I'm gonna buy "how to be happy" too

could you do me a little favor? email me "300 things" because i cant find it anywhere.

or i'd be grateful if someone email me the softcopy (i believe it was a free ebook)