Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Weight A Person Leaves

If I am filled with anything, it is leaves and snow and sunlight and life.

If I am filled with anything, it is seasons.

If I am filled with anything, it is something advancing and retreating.

It is a giant tide that pulls me with it.

I wonder if you kept the same things inside.

I must wonder if, for you, the tide went out one last time, and then came in too far.


Libby said...

And I have to wonder if you got caught in my tide when yours retreated. And I hope that it is your tide that you're being pulled by, not mine. Be yourself, my love. <3

Unknown said...

I read your "Be soft..." poem last night by mere chance as I was listening to a tune called "Earth Prelude" (in the comments on YouTube). I needed to know who wrote it, and found a link to your reddit page. And now I'm here. Thank you for writing these poems. Stay awesome. :)