Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Church Of Broken Things

I want to break the things you're worried about breaking.

Because I want you to see that broken things are nothing to worry about.


ViralTikTok said...

This is so beautiful.

It makes me believe in magic.

Dog with Blog said...


Unknown said...

Nothing is more important than I love you

Anonymous said...

I just started reading you posts about 3 weeks ago and they have changed my life. Thank you so much. I don't remember how I found this, all I can remember is how beautiful all your posts are. I found the very first post and read every single one after that. They changed my life. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"You and I were never meant to be complete,
Can we just be broken... Together
You can bring your shattered dreams and I'll be mine
Can healing still be spoken and save us
The only way we'll last forever
Is broken together"

Anonymous said...

And sometimes we just need someone to pick up the pieces and fit them back together.