Monday, June 6, 2016

The End Of Fire


Anonymous said...

This is truly beautiful.

Kyle P. Edmonds, MD said...

So lovely. Please tell me I can buy a print of this somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Let me be a dying ember with you, a remnant of that flame, because even that is better than the hard coal which looms underneath. And as we turn into ashes, let them be scattered in the wind, so that we may one day float back up to the stars we came from.

Anonymous said...

We made a pact. Don't you dare forget that when it's time...we go together. The beginning and the end.
Green and Purple

Anonymous said...

Suddely you realise that only Family is the real love
The people who become your family and those who have been there all along
Broken down or far apart
The wheel of fortune

You have to accept the future and the past
Even if it kills your heart
You have to accept it and move on

Unknown said...

I remember however it is not only family we can be love, love is beautiful feeling, it not only between family and hopefully you post more, continue the amazing writings