Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Echoes In My Skull

After everything, you will discover that loneliness is just not finding yourself, because there’s no one around to find yourself in.

(You will discover: we need someone else to see us, to be able to see ourselves.)


Anonymous said...

I was always told that finding yourself with someone else doesn't count. That I was the only person who could know me. Someone else knows me better than I know myself now, and it helped me see myself. But it felt wrong for such a long time. It doesn't feel so wrong anymore. Thank you

olyvoyl said...

"There must be many, who know the you that you wish other people thought you were. And more that know the you that other people actually think you are."

Hennie la Grange said...

Agreed. I find it ironic that people often say that they're temporarily leaving a relationship to find / see themselves.