Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Place The Light Strikes Red

I write down every reason to be afraid on your wrists, and below my eyelids, where the light strikes red.

You might get addicted to someone. 

You might get addicted to being alone.

You might get your heart broken. 

You might have to mend it yourself. 

You might die.

You might live.

Even though it’s dangerous to live.


Unknown said...

Who r you? I want to know ur name. I want to share urword. May I? Ur word is awesome.

Unknown said...

Ian S. Thomas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paulo Coelho

Yesterday I had an omen. In my dream I pictured myself laying in a hospital bed and the act and play of your book 'Veronica wants to die' became the script of my life there.

Laying there I envisioned the many things I still want to achieve and the energy it gives me

I had an omen and acted upon it.

By seeking to come closer to what I am most afraid of doing