Monday, October 23, 2017

The Living And The Brave

There is no bravery in a gun.

Brave is saying no to the comfort that kills you.

There is no bravery in a fist.

Brave is singing Kumbaya softly to a screaming baby.

There is no bravery in a flag.

Brave is holding onto the air itself to stop yourself from falling into yourself.

There is no bravery in a crowd.

Brave is knowing who you are, even when everyone else doesn’t.

There is no bravery when it's easy.

Brave is carrying on and on, and looking and finding all the angles and all the keys, and turning every single one.

There is no bravery in bright light.

Brave is fighting the sun itself for the right words to talk yourself off the ledge.

There is no bravery in hurt.

Your bravery is kneeling on the ground.

In the end, your bravery is living.


Unknown said...

Very true

miniwaty halim said...
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miniwaty halim said...

Dear You,

Thank you for your words of clarity.
It certainly puts my situation into perspective.
And as I continue my fight, this will be my mantra for now "there is no bravery when it's easy".
May you live your life inspired, as you have done to thousands of others.


Void said...

Thank you for your blog and for writing this. Every time I get an email notifying me that you posted something new, I can feel something in my soul light up. I usually also must wait until I’m in a mind space where I can still my thoughts long enough to really let your words sink in. So many of your pieces speak to me but this is the one that has gripped me the most so far.
Your writing is at times encouraging, at other times lending a sense of clarity. It provides me with a few moments of utter calm, quieting and slowing my mind, almost like a blank slate to continue onward until your next post. Thank you.