Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Letter Before We're Gone

I know this is a bittersweet time of year for you because you remember too much.

You remember too many Christmases for someone so young.

There are lights on the tree and there’s water in your eyes, even though the soft glow of everything through a window as you drive past makes you happy. It’s a happy kind of sad, it’s a sad kind of happy. Are you happy now?

How long do we have? Not long. Who do we have? Only so many. Maybe less. But it is enough, and they are enough.

I hope you find your heart under a tree somewhere, wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a bow. I hope you forgive the people you hate and that you find some kind of peace in someone else, even if it’s just for a few days before we all return to the business of forgetting our lives as we live them.

Your heart is enough.

Don’t get me wrong, good things happen, more than you might expect, or more than you might ever dream, but bad things happen too, and you’ve got to appreciate all the moments between those two points because that’s life too, and it keeps on happening no matter what you do, until it doesn’t and then all that’s left is what you made and who you loved.

Your life is enough.

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s what I’ve said before: Listen to the kindest voice in your head. It’s the highest form of yourself. The best you is the kindest you, to yourself and to others.

It’s sharp and rough out there, the only way you beat it is by keeping it soft and gentle in your heart. 

Being kind is enough. Love is enough.

 Thank you for every ounce of kindness you’ve shown my new book. It means a lot to me. Thank you for telling your friends about it. Thank you for all that you are. You are beautiful and loved by the universe that made you.

You are more than enough.

My best,



Kay Dee said...

It's beautiful.. Tears rolling down my face.
Wish you a very happy Christmas. Yes, love is enough..

Unknown said...

Just wonderful

miniwaty halim said...

Dear you,

Your words touch me deeply.
In more ways than i could ever express.


Courage Is Contagious said...

Love to you and from you always, thanks for being part of that exchange xxxxxxx

Dumbassadad said...

Alaina did you write this ? I'm in tears

Anonymous said...

Omg, this is so amazing and beautiful.

Thank you so much for sharing your words.

samia87 said...

This is awesome writings. This makes me emotional and reminds me of my time. You can add printed envelopes wrapping the letters to make it more special.

Unknown said...

Well whoa. I'm actually at a stupid loss for words. I think I've been punched in the gut, man.

Unknown said...

Okay same annoying person hi. I SERIOUSLY hope you dont get notifications but if thay happens to be the case I'm so fucking sorry am quite embarrassed but oh well.

I've been reading on but this is all I can feel in this moment- this poem right here.

It brings me back to a vivid series of memories that idk I'm going to sound so dumb because I have zero idea how to explain it. I want to cry and smile and laugh and panic and love and die and i feel endlessly exhilirated all at the same time. It brings me to the last time that I REALLY felt anything throughout my entire heart and soul.

All I can see is the snow, the smell of my first car, seeing the first horrible twilight movie with my older sister because she NEEDED to see it, sitting in the local bookstore for hours reading with who ended up being my best friend.. looking out of my bedroom window and watching the first person I loved walk away for the last time as well as every first that we shared. His smile. His fucking smile.

That was the last time I was me. That was the last time I knew who I was with only minor doubts but much growth needed. That was over a fucking decade ago and I've been lost ever since. I'm trying so hard to find myself again. I dont think I'll find her though, I dont think shes still there. I've done and see too much to be her still. I'm 26 now, life is real. Who the fuck have I become is all I need to know.

I only thing I hear is Colly Strings by Manchester Orchestra.

Okay I am so sorry that this is so long and I promise it's the last thing you'll read from me as of tonight for anyone who sees this, or doesnt, or even for me.

I don't know guys. Just take care of yourselves, please. I will attempt to do the same. I will try and find peace.