Friday, April 12, 2019

The Need To Do Nothing

If you do not make time for yourself every single day, literally give yourself time to do nothing, your body will take all the time you owe it, all at once.

And you will sit there, on the side of your bed, and you will cry and say under your breath between sobs,

“What is wrong with me?”

But you are not weak and there is nothing wrong with you.

You have just forgotten to give yourself time.


TwizzleSouthernstars This &;That ? said... are a awesome soul , your heart is of gold.XOXOX
oh no.yes yes that's what i have done, i have forgotten.. i was to busy playing in the mind has become full of holes for, i have gotten, that's not what i said,..i think i have been forgotten, :( when time become my crime, it become sublime... this i know of,.... but what if..? just what if ? there is something? wrong with you,? everyone's heart is starting to fade to black .. your heart didn't even start out red , but Blue ,till the day it can beat no, or i wont allow it to fade to black i will run in the rain around the sun then i will have time for me , i don't like this all at once please ,i beg of you, i'm tired of being forgotten,... i will , i will, i promise, only a little at a time ,...thank you right on time
Twizzle Southernstar

Courage Is Contagious said...

Thank you. All the love, always.