Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The River Crossing

You have this fantasy that by giving up, you will succeed. That just as you finally give up, everything will somehow work itself out, that people will respond to some kind of humanness in your act of giving up.

But that’s not what’s going to happen. You're just going to give up, not as a performative act, not as a way to showcase your humanity, just because you simply cannot be the character you’ve played for as long as you have.

You are not redeeming yourself.

You are simply giving up.

No rising sun.

No blinding light.


miguelgarciabh said...

I finished reading this this week, after 3 years I started reading in my spare time when I read you some poems in the BT album and when I saw in a part of the album that I quoted on your page. http://www.iwrotethisforyou.me / ..... and I was very motivated at all times of my life, when I finished reading all his publications ... I think this inspires me to continue ... this last poem! It inspires me not to be a coward and continue in my struggle! .... Thank you thank you thank you! never forget you

PS ... I think I'm the first person to read it from San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Unknown said...

Oddly enough I've just now stumbled across this page and this was the first that I chose to read. I'm at a point in my life where, I mean, I'm not sure if anything else said could have helped me as this has. A dose of realism is not really something many know how to express in a neutral sense. So. Thank you. You have a beautiful mind, please never stop as long as you're getting something out of what you do- which I feel (hope) is the case.

Cant wait to delve into as much as I can here for the rest of my night! Thank you again.

miniwaty halim said...

Dear You,

I do wish these strong words reach as many beautiful souls before it's too late.

p.s. Where are you? Hope everything's fine. I think many people have been missing you. I surely am.