Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Songs We Sing

Somewhere, someone knows the words to the songs you sing.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if i'll ever find that person.

yasmine said...

me too.

Anonymous said...

I really really needed this one. Thank you. I should never feel so alone. You are wonderful, you really are.

Anonymous said...

This is the sign that i was waiting for :)

May you have the strength to be you


Anonymous said...

Dear dear you,

I wonder how you are. I wonder if you are okay? It's the worst feeling in the world not hearing from you. That need for a deeper connection. Sharing. Understanding.

But, I don't feel free to express myself here. I feel trapped in this space. Here. There. It's such a dark, cold and unfriendly place. Makes me feel more alone than ever.

Overflowing with words, getting them out and setting them on fire. Watching them burning up in my atmosphere. Taking in the sizzle and the smell.

I yearn for more alone time, travel, discovery, meaning and mystery. I feel I'm so close to finding it all. But I'm also miles apart. I know something big is going to happen in my life, but I don't know what, when and how. I just know. A feeling. I accept the unknown. I embrace it. Going with it.

There are times when I dream you messages. I write you notes in brainwaves and send them every time I blink twice. I say a prayer, write a poem, sing a song... send you various good vibes. I wonder if you ever get them? If you don't, be still for a moment, take a deep breath, plug in and simply reach out and catch something... it's sure to be positive.

I wish you beautiful meaningful moments. Cherish every single split second. They are so precious. And so are you.

Counting the shining stars. The strength to touch the sky.

Love always,