Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Wall Inside

The wall is there because you want it to be there. It stops you because you want it to.

When you're ready, it'll fade away. And reveal the dreams beyond.


Captain Dumbass said...

Thank you. Please keep writing.

Me said...

A pleasure. Please keep reading it.

Anonymous said...

Its only u who can overcome hurdles... have a great day

Anonymous said...

a personal favourite.

Anonymous said...

I built it in my childhood, and it gave me 7 years of silence while everyone shouted around me.

Then you came, and wanted me to speak.

It took me 4 years to tear it down, just for you. But it was already too late by then. You broke that gently to me, but still, it hurt.

I'd like to be happy, because I tore it down, even if no one understood what happened. But I still haven't found any dreams to hold onto. No reasons for it to stay down.

Now it's even taller, and I'm on top of it, not sure which side I'd rather be on.

Anonymous said...

You are loved <3

xSebastiaNzz said...

really loved your works, even brought your book recently!
am from singapore.
hoping hard there will be a new series of books from you.
keep it up! loved it.
appreciate the magic you created through words