Thursday, December 18, 2008

The More Than Three

Wish you were here. Wish I was there. Wish it was different. Wish wishes came true.

I'd wish you back.


Supergerl said...

dang! you're a psychic.

Monsieur Rien said...

I ended the last email to my girlfriend by that.

"Wish you were here."

Friend, you're right on it. Again.

Anonymous said...

wish things were different, wish I could see you again, wish you were marrying me instead of her, wish we could go back to us.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photo and perfect words. thank you : )

Chop Logik said...

I less than three you, too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

been wishing for a year... will i need to wish more... *wishful thinking*

thank u.

calm interlude said...

i love it..

no matter how powerful human is..
we could only do so much..
the worst part is..
sometimes, the things we most want..
are the things that are out of our power, our abilities, to do..

so we wish..
we dream..
we hope..
..that the world and fate..
..could hear us..

good morning..wish u're doing well..

Anonymous said...

wish i could've kissed you harder, better, fiercer. hugged you and never let you go.

wish i would've known that moment you stepped out of the door was the last i'd ever see of you.
and the last of what we had.

Anonymous said...

i am so hurt that he is not with with me and that all i can do is to wait

Anonymous said...

I wish it could have worked, that you had it in your heart to love me. I thought that you could love me, but instead you haunt me.
By the time you realise what has happened, I will be gone, will no longer care.
I bet you will hunt me down then, I am practising, I'm in training for that day, or anyone like you.

Anonymous said...

Wishes come true. Close your eyes and you will find me there.

Anonymous said...

I wish for you to be more than just a wish..

And be my reality..

Anonymous said...

I wish for you to be more than just a wish.

I wish for you to be my reality.