Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Turning Of The Sphere

"You need to spin the world again."

"Why bother? So what if a few more babies are born. So what if there's heartbreak, pain and pens and doughnuts and washing lines. Who cares if there's forgetfulness and a summer and wine and clouds with faces and shapes hidden in them. That's all that happens every time I spin the world. It's all just a bunch of things that happen. Why bother spinning the world again?"

"Because pens and babies are worth a little heartbreak and pain. Because everyone in the world deserves every chance they can get to find the things and experiences and people that make them happy. So give all of them another chance. Please, spin the world again."


Dani said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy you're back! I missed you in my subscriptions feed.

We all need a holiday, but I'm glad for another spin of I Wrote This For You!

Cameleon said...

I need another chance. i'm still alive. please.

Anonymous said...

This made me realize I have to give another chance.

But how?

If you feel like not talking at all is fine...

no one gets hurts.. we get frozen

A said...

Yeah, spin the world again, let two souls that are meant to be, be together. Prove what they say about what's meant to be, will be. Heal me. Please. Some people are just tired of pain. Some others are just exhausted of being lost. So when you spin the world again, instead of giving pain, heal. And instead of heartbreak, find me a way back, because I'm lost, and I'm waiting for you to find me. Please.

Followtheprincess said...

Your not lost, you're in the dark flip on the light switch..

Followtheprincess said...

Frozen is my favorite flavor keeps the pain numb

Anonymous said...

A made me cry. That was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

If I spin the world again, you might fall again. However, I fell in love all over again after reading ID.

Anonymous said...

But it's all so dizzying sometimes. (Too much, too fast, too empty.)

I just wish I had something to hold on to.

T said...

Yes, please spin the world again, so that I can wake once more and hope and pray that I meet him here like before. Im begging you to spin the world again.

Anonymous said...

You can not be found, you are already here.

zonedin said...

My first thoughts after reading...

"Can't stop, addicted to the shindig!"

There is always a good reasing to give it all you got, whether we like it or not. Ultimately, love keeps you spinning on your axis<3

Anonymous said...

Those moments are so few for me..those moments of pure unadulterated joy,of peace.. because each spin still doesn't numb the can my heart travel back from that place I went with you and how could you have hurt me this much..but I go on..with each spin..hoping for that day when this crushing ache will subside to a dim memory.I love you

Anonymous said...

please spin it one more time with me?


Anonymous said...

gave him my heart,
he didn't see it as a prize.
intensity unmatched,
potency of poison in his mouth
handle with care?
too much for him to handle at all

he broke into pieces

some people need someone who has a heart made
from concentrate
love, water

and i like it.
b careful what you spin for.