Friday, October 24, 2014

The Thing That'll Kill You Is Being Afraid

Never leaving your house, will kill you. Staying where you are and being afraid, will kill you. Pecking at the new notifications icon on your social media platforms of choice, cycling through them like a series of surreal fridge doors that might contain something better since you last looked, this is what will kill you second by second until you realise you have none left. You are far more likely to die from fear and apathy, from not having lived and fulfilled the multitude of promises that you make yourself each night before you fall asleep, than anything else.


Anonymous said...

There’s an alternate universe where I live, disease free of the mind and well-adjusted
There’s an alternate universe where I live, full of friends and hope and love that’s trusted
There’s an alternate universe where I die, at peace and not without
There’s an alternate universe where I simply exist, the one I’m in right now
There’s a finite number of letters, but an infinite way of arranging them to express your thoughts
There’s a finite number of thoughts you’ll ever have, but an infinite amount that can always be sought
So I digress, my stupid little poem
This whole post, hit a little too close to home

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

You said whatever is right.i agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Notifications make me feel like everything related to me matters. That my friends aren't so wrapped up on their lives I have to remind them of things.
I miss that feeling, sometimes I do.

Anonymous said...

Loved it

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing both the author and anon. You guys made me feel like I wasn't alone for a second. I fully understood both viewpoints and I am in fear. I am dying or I've been dead inside for a long time. But I hold on to some past notion that I can overcome my fear, that I can accept love and give love. That it won't be scary anymore, people that make my world bigger than I ever saw before. You both, thank you. I wish we could have a nice chat or shake your hand for the lovely feeling. I wish you both the best. You both are not alone. I support you whomever you guys are. Rock on towards your dreams. May you get there and here. C: thanks for writing, for now I'm a little more here.I hope that made sense. u_u -tinkeroftime aka joanne

Autora inĂștil said...

I'm just too tired to not be afraid anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hold on. No one here is alone. Please know you are not alone. I fell upon this comment board by happenstance, and felt empathy and concern. Hang in there.