Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Time Is Now

I Wrote This For You And Only You is out (Edit: You can grab it off iTunes here).

I'm giving away signed copies on twitter, facebook and tumblr.

During the launch, I'll also be giving out signed, handwritten poems, signed copies of my other books, and I might even Skype you.

In fact, the person who comes up with the imaginative way to spread the word about the book (and does it, with pictures), will get a signed hamper of every I Wrote This For You book.

One rule - it can't be something online. Whatever it is, has to happen in the real world.

Post links to pictures in the comments, or let me know on twitter or facebook.

I don't have a marketing budget but I can be good to people with what I have, and that's always been more than enough.

This all exists because of you.

Thank you.


Alyssa RC said...

This is my creative idea:

You create a traveling book. This book starts in a bookstore, a coffee shop, a classroom. This book has directions: leave it somewhere for someone to find once your done. Hashtag it on Instagram, facebook, Twitter: #andonlyyou (or a different one of your choice) - check up and follow on Facebook and Twitter to see where it has been.

The book deserves a journey as great as the one it sends us all on.

Anonymous said...

Are these books published in Australia? I've been having a hard time getting a hold of them and it hurts a bit when a friend (who's in US) messages me saying she got the book.