Friday, February 27, 2015

The Countdown To Sunday Begins

On Sunday, the new I Wrote This For You And Only You book will be made available, both as an eBook and in paperback. I'll be doing some live readings, some giveaways of signed copies, and numerous other crazy things to celebrate the launch of this, the third book. Follow along on facebook, twitter and tumblr to find out how you could win one of those things.

I Wrote This For You And Only You is a collection of the best entries, both photography and prose, from 2011 to 2015.

It looks like this and you can click here to preorder it, right now.

A note: The print edition available right now is a special limited edition that uses a special, more expensive printing process to create better and brighter pictures in the books. The differences are subtle and it costs more so if that's not your thing, wait a little while and the other edition will show up on Amazon shortly. The limited edition is only available during the launch of the book because we wanted to make sure readers have a choice. 

Just to clarify because some people seem to have been confused, this is technically the sequel to the first book, I Wrote This For You, which looks like this and contains all the best entries, prose and photography, from 2007 to 2011.

You can click here to buy it, although I know most of you already have, and I can never thank you enough for that. 

The confusion comes in with this book, I Wrote This For You: Just The Words. 

A few years ago, we were worried about how expensive the books were because they contained full colour photography and an entire book of full colour photography is always going to be expensive. 

So, we decided that for those who just wanted to buy the prose, and didn't mind not having the photography, we'd make a different book (you can buy it here). So this book has 400 (the original book has 200) entries, a lot of exclusive entries that don't appear on the blog or anywhere else and no photography, and it costs less. 

I'm sorry for the confusion but perhaps I'm better at writing prose than I am at naming books. 

Forgive the long post but I wanted to explain which book had what in it and make sure no one felt ripped off about what they were buying. 

Besides a few exclusive entries in each book, we release everything we do for free. This is for those who can afford to and want to hold a physical copy (or a complete collection on a kindle or iPad) of something that I have been assured so often, means a lot to them (and that means more to me that I can ever truly express with words). 

I look forward to talking more to you over the next 48 hours and longer. Please, share this with your friends, tell your neighbours and your family because you're the reason we do this and you're the reason we're here. 

Forever onwards,



Anonymous said...

All the poems from i wrote this for you are in the i wrote this for you: just the words book right?

Me said...

Yes, and some from I Wrote This For You And Only You because the Just The Words book falls in between the two. Just The Words has 400, the other two have 200.

Anonymous said...

Around how many poems from the new book are already in just the words? Because i'm planning on getting the latest one :)

Me said...

There's a few - it came out in 2012 and was put together at the start of the year, so there's at least three years of prose it doesn't have.