Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Life And Death Of Most Of Us

Most of us will settle for fine.

Most of us will stream mp3s instead of asking a friend to play the guitar.

Most of us will run on a treadmill at the gym instead of going to the park.

Most of us will watch 10 second videos on a computer instead of going to a play.

Most of us will eat something we can throw in the microwave instead of learning to cook.

Most of us will aspire to being known, to being famous for just a little while.

Most of us will be willing to be embarrassed, to hurt ourselves, if it means being known.

Most of us will be more concerned with that, with being known, than being remembered by anyone special.

Most of us will decide that it's too soon or too late in life to go after what we really want.

Most of us will never actually sit down and think about what we really want.

Most of us will spend more time reading status updates than we spend reading books.

Most of us will take more pictures of ourselves than actually looking at the world around us.

Most of us will take the one unique and precious life we've been given and spend it being, just ok.

Most of us will make do.

And you will meet most of us and when you do, remember this.

Be the few.

Be the few.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is so good. Let me try to be the few, even if for just a few times a week.

Anonymous said...

i adore this.

Anonymous said...

This is so good! Love.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Each day we start, that is the precious gift we have. This is life, start now, be the unique of living, cheers to your journey!

Gillian said...

Hi, I love this poem, may I share it and if so, to whom must it be attributed?

Me said...

Hi Gillian,

You're more than welcome to share it - you can attribute it to the website,, pleasefindthis, or Iain Thomas.

Anonymous said...

u remind me once again to pause and relook what I am doing

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy I read this. Turned my day around.

Klára said...

Thank you, I may have cracked a tear if I wasn´t surrounded by people right now. Especially this one hit home: "either too soon or too late to go after what we really want". I might just be in my "too soon" phase.