Monday, December 5, 2016

The Last Place You Go

You are gathered here today to say the last good things

And isn’t that the worst part

That on a day like today

We want you to say good things.


Unknown said...

When i read this , at first i had mixed feelings. But now i know why i am still here.
May be its a new beginning of saying the best things to each other. So atleast try.

Unknown said...

The commenter previous to me helped me see this poem as a whole. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

You gotta remember the good things

Anonymous said...

Where are you ?

Caleb Lee Jenkins said...

I find this so often true in grief. It is so important to rise above the selfishness of mourning to remember in joy. Well said!

Anonymous said...

Everything about you is perfect
I love your calmness
I love the way you think before you act
there's nothing about you I don't like. I love your looks and style and your low voice.