Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Constant Fire And Noise

I have taught myself to see the person a person is trying to be, not just the person they are. Above some, I have seen a nurse, a cowboy, a man made of shadows, a girl who cries beautifully, someone in complete control, someone who overcomes great things, and someone who's love is needed by the world. Like ghosts, the people who you're trying to be, they float above your head. But if I look up, all I see is a catherine wheel that never stops spinning, and it is something I have never been able to look at directly.


Lauren K said...

Iv been following your blog since 2010. The last month and a half iv been so upset you haven't posted anything even tho iv known you've been bust with your new book and such. But this... This is exactly what I needed to read after these few weeks. Your words are beautiful, please never stop writing, you give me the inspiration I need. You're a wonderful soul <3

Brittany Konschuh said...

Dear Iain S. Thomas,
I have been researching your work for quite some time now, and have been blown away by your writing. Your poetry has inspired great thing in my life.
I am actually coming to you today wondering if you have ever looked over poetry. I am looking for an opinion on some work that i have. But only trusting it to like minded people. All the work is about a love that has overcome so much pain and suffering but has still prevailed in a great way.Full of fire and lust.
I would love to hear from you.

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