Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Pain Of Learning

Remember yesterday’s greatest lesson: What hurts you today, won’t hurt you tomorrow.


Ninha said...

I wonder when will I leraning that
God help me, please

Unknown said...

You will Ninha, everyone does. Keep walking and don't look back.
Your heart is stronger than you think. Trust yourself and you will meet someone who will guard your heart. For now, guard your own.
Take care. said...

First saw your book last month... And when I read the first page couldn't let go of it... and then when I read the last page, my heart just went overboard and wanted to cry then and there.

Finally bought the book the other week and somehow, I kept wanting to read more of your words.

Thank you... for the inspiration... to just keep writing... no matter what I write... because it's part of who I am...

Again, thank you for your beautiful words.