Monday, January 29, 2018

The River Of Souls

You sleep on a river, made of everyone you’ve ever been, who carried you to where you are.

Every movement up until this point by every one of your ancestors brought you here.

You are a flame alive for a moment.

A frame in something so much bigger that stretches from the first second to the last.

You are a walking miracle and every movement is as pure and incredible as the birth of a new star,  or the death of an old one. Like a god. You float through time from flower to flower, unaware that you are magical beyond everything, in everything you do.

Look at you. Only here. For now.

And in every life, we stand across from each other.
And I always tell you this.
And in every life, I must remind you.

Because you forget just how incredible you are.

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Unknown said...

Well, now I'm slightly intoxicated and spamming you with comments so I'm sorry for that. I'm not sure you'll ever read them so the sense of anonymity within a journal-esque series of my thoughts that may be seen as well as never seen has given me some solace. I got a similar vibe to that of Etgar Keret's within the last four lines and it was much too lovely. Thank you for somehow making me feel things that I havent felt or possibly let myself feel in a very long time. I suppose my night now consists of whiskey and reading as much of your work as I can until I either lose focus or pass out. It feels so strangely healthy-ish to process emotions for once.