Thursday, January 25, 2018

The You The World Waits For

If you are not authentically you, the real, original you, you will attract people who are not authentically themselves.

You will attract and become attracted to things which aren’t real, which don’t matter.

You will become frustrated and angry at small, petty things in your life and you will not understand why.

You will feel like the universe is not respecting your space, like it’s bumping into you, constantly. Shoving you.

This is because it’s trying to get you to notice who you are.

This is because it’s trying to say, “Hey! I know you! You are so much more than this!”

And if you make that choice, to be who you really are, you will discover the real, original you, has been waiting for you.

You will discover that you have always been worth your own love and respect.

 You will discover you have always been worth, being you.


miniwaty halim said...

Dear You,

As always, your delivery's right at point and right on time.
Thank you for being a channel for the Universe from time to time.


Vickky Mavs said...

I always love the way you share your thoughts. Thank you for these beautiful words.

Unknown said...

Dear miniwaty and Iain,
Call me crazy call me what you will.
But i believe im the one. (and i hope your reading this iain) the day i walked through target "i wrote this for you" was the only noticable book on the shelf and the only copy a month ago. Of course with my curiousness i picked the book up and read the back of it. not giving it another thought i knew somehow that book was written for meand immedietly put it in the cart and purchased it. Not even getting 4 blocks from the store i cracked it open and started reading it. Unable to put it down everything that i had read applied to me. Everything.... I mean i read the book and minutes later it came alive.. I even waited for the wink and nod....well i Didnt have to wait that long considering the man dressed in all white standing ahead of me turned around 30 seconds later stared at me noded and winked right after i read the page.
Ok that really weirded me out and thinking thats not possible...this must be some kind of joke....but the last page.... That last page i then knew that book was meant for me considering...word for word that was what i had told someone....hint the quotation marks...
Nice to meet you...
My name is Hannah Walton.

samia87 said...

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Unknown said...

Reading this made my soul smile. I believe it was meant to be in your life to guide you through it. I hope Iain has read/will read this at some point in time. Take care, Hannah, I hope all is well.