Monday, June 18, 2018

The Holding Of One's Breath

There you are, washing dishes at the party, like you live there, trying to act like you belong somewhere you don’t.

There you are, taking your phone out, looking at an empty screen, just so you don’t have to look at anyone else.

There you are, holding your breath until your face turns blue for no other reason than to show you can. 

There you are, alone, and yet bigger than the sea.

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Unknown said...

I always wash dishes at parties when I've been drinking. I especially do it when I'm afraid that I'm not fitting in, so that the people who do fit in will think I'm supposed to be there. Or at least they won't mind that I'm there because that means they don't have to wash the dishes. As if to say: at least I'm good for something.

But, I also wash dishes at parties when I've been drinking if I love the host, as if to say: even if it's only in as small a way as this, it makes me happy to care for you.

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who does this.