Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Dark At The End Of Everything

You are alone now and the curtains are drawn and the sun is shining outside and you will not see it for days.

You are alone now and trying to be stronger than you have any right to be.

You are alone now and waiting for the moment when even though you are alone, you do not feel it as much.

You are alone now and looking for a way through the grass and the reeds and the ghosts and the sound of the crickets and the sight of me leaving.

You are alone now and haunted by the past and what was and what could be.

You are alone now and wondering where the time went and who it went with.

You are alone now and your fingers are alone and your breath is alone and now you can get everything you wanted to do done and tick everything off the magic list you said you had, the one you said will eventually make you happy.

You are alone now and trying to define the exact moments you miss, the slow movement of someone else’s hand across your skin that you keep coming back to.

You are alone now and your hand touches empty air when you move it, to remember.

You are alone now and now you can do everything you couldn’t do with me, except be with me. 

Because I am alone now, too.


Unknown said...

This is the most amazing thing I have ever read!

roxiexbravery said...

This has captured my soul...

Unknown said...

I understand your want to make me truly feel the depths of your own loneliness, but you've taken it too far. This isn't love or anything close to it to watch me suffer without you. I hang on for her sake, but even that motivation is wearing thin. If you love me still, come back before the light fades away forever. Once it's gone, no spark big legs small can rekindle the divine light

TwizzleSouthernstars This &;That ? said...