Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Asking For Directions

Stumbling, you

Trip, you

Graze your knees, you

Get back up again, you

Fix your hair, you

Are ok as long as, you

Keep moving forward.


Ivan Ayliffe said...

Know how we walk? Rather than lifting and dropping our feet in some semi-mechanical manner, we simply LEAN FORWARD and use our feet to catch us just in time to save ourselves from a certain faceplant. I think the analogy is clear. When you gonna publish?

Me said...

Soon hopefully. Don't worry, you'll get a signed copy :)

LoveAndLevees said...

I've followed this site for so long, and as an aspiring writer myself, I can truly say that you have changed my perspective on creation and love. You're very inspiring, and I hope you do publish. I'd definitely buy one for everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

It was all an illusion.

You never loved me.

Are you happy now? I got it. I understand. I can comprehend this. Does it piss you off that I'm not hurting over it anymore? So you have to keep trying to hurt me? You can't hurt me anymore. Now get lost.