Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Sweetly Sleeping

Dream dreams. Big dreams. Little dreams. Dreams in which you fly, live, die. Dream of things you’ve never seen and things you see every day. Dream of the future, of what happened in the past and what’s happening right now.

But, whatever you do, dream.


hend el-shimy said...

u made me me, like im not insain or stupid or fool, for thinkin of those things at least now i knw im not the only one who can see somethin good in this life, so thx.

Me said...

There's lots of good things in this life, you just need to see them.

Ignore the people who can't see them and who tell you they aren't there.

Keep finding them. Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep dancing. Keep doing what you do, finding the good, and you will be great.

I promise.

Anonymous said...

Dreaming is all I do, but sometimes it feels like such a waste.

Thank you for your words. For all of this.

in a nutshell said...

I love this. Keep doing you, finding the good in life!