Monday, August 4, 2008

The Person You Would Be

You don't have another life. Only this one.


Monsieur Rien said...

This one was found just at the right moment.

Hard times usually don't announce themselves.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to this blog just the other day and I made it my mission to read it all and get to a point where I can keep current with it.
I've always loved the art of writing. Stringing words together in a way which makes them elegant and meaningful is beauty often overlooked.
And your writing stands out from the rest. I have never been so moved as I am to read what you write for us.

That being said, I'm going through a particularly tough time right now, and posts like this one help me immensely. See what I mean about writing? A few well placed words can affect someone's emotions. Yours affect mine.

Thank you for writing.

Me said...

Thank you for reading it and everything you've said, it means a lot to me.

In my experience, we have tough times so that we can really and truly appreciate the not-so-tough times, which usually happen straight afterwords.