Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Price

You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Charge accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Me, you're writing a book, but you should consider postcards with the photos and the words. These things are not only things we long to hear but things we long to say to others. - You

Me said...

Dear You,

We tried doing postcards on, unfortunately, as much as the digital age allows us wonderful things like Print On Demand printing, it also pushes the price up. A single pack of postcards cost around $20 or something ridiculous.

As soon as the books out the way, we'll get started on getting cheaper versions of postcards, posters and so on :)

Thank you for reading it, I sincerely appreciate it.


MKMoondust said...

I am trying to change the way you want me to, I am trying to realize how wonderful you tell me I am each night before your arms shield me and together we drift off. I am trying to believe that there is not another person out there exactly like me, and I am trying to be ok knowing what you actually think of me, but I dont know if I can take it anymore. I dont know if somethings are better left unsaid and that is one of them or if you want me to change just so I can be happy so that you will love a stable person instead of the mess i am now. Whatever the case maybe, I want you to know I am trying to change and I am glad I'm worth more than this puddle of mud and dead leaves to someone, especially when that someone is you.