Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Tower In The Asylum

Yet, no matter how accurately you write it or mumble it under your breath, it won't change the way things stand between you. A poem, let alone a paragraph, is not a magic spell. And the only people who can write those stay in padded rooms, listening to music no one's ever played.


Cassandra Hull said...

But, oh, what if words said did change the way things stand between us?

What if me saying the words I needed to say, him hearing the words that somehow, someway he hasn't heard yet (everyone makes mistakes. what's important is that you learn from them.) changed things a great deal? An apology, a thank you, an admittance to the need for help, and a plea...all those things can change the way two people stand.

Words alone cannot change a stance. But the feelings and truth behind them can.

Jonathan Chu said...

I agree. There is no poem that can be a magic to us. Not even one that encapsulates all that we're feeling. Maybe what we're feeling is meant to be felt only by us and no one else, this is so that when we ever meet someone with the same experiences, we can smile and say, "Ah! Old friend!"

Ivan Ayliffe said...

I have been trying to write the letter that makes it all better. But words are poor bricks for rebuilding bridges, it seems.

Miss B said...

And yet words are magic things, and filled with power.

It's just that most of us are, I think, more often than not, very poor magicians. And so many of us don't really believe in magic, anyway.

(I do, though)

Freckles said...

Words don't mean anything. It's actions that do. I fell for those pretty words, those almost-promises, those maybes and I found hope. It was misplaced.

And now that I started basing my responses on actions, I can see that. Now I'm "childish." Perhaps even that word wasn't written for me, but it felt that way. Considering the timing and tone.

Words that don't become action are worthless.

Thank you for making me feel less crazy today.

amkeane said...

i like this one.

Anonymous said...

Ah, habit47. Ah, c.e.z.

Oh, Iain.

Anonymous said...

Words are the only magic we have.